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Hi there, I'm Bekah! Welcome to my blog!
Feel free to add me, as of 80% of my entries will be public n___n

The other 20% will be close friends only.



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don&#39;t give me lip

Cupcakes and pirate gerbils!

Woohoo.. finally finishing my anglerfish paintinnng

I still have to mess with the background and fix the lighting on the fish, and then I'll take an actual quality picture.... :3 yum cupcake!

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hm hm hmm.. my ankle still hurts really bad, which is a major inconvenience... x_x

but I have an meeting with someone from Teatro ZinZanni tomorrow morning to show them my portfolio and talk about volunteer hours... woo! I guess that means I should go to bed.
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Choices, choices..

Ahh I don't know what to do! I applied for an internship for Taproot Theater, and they asked me to come in and sort of talk about what I want from it and how long it should be, etc next week. This could possibly turn into a job.


My friend Heather works at Teatro ZinZanni, and she told me they are looking for volunteers right now that could also possibly turn into a job.

Neither will pay, so I will be taking the bus a lot if I do both, but I kind of want to do both anyway. Is that weird? Only one is technically an internship, at TZ I would just be volunteering, aka sewing on buttons and stuff like that. Hmm hmmmmm. What to do.
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Mm it has been sunny all day and it is picking up my mood...

I have been getting a little money here and there from working for Patrick, and I am getting 20 bucks a lesson for photoshop tutoring for a friend of mine from school! Maybe I will actually leave the house for the first time in 3 weekends! Heh.

Annika gave me a HDCSTW advance to get an LED hoop and it got shipped today, I'm so excited!! It is smaller than I am used to so the other day when I was jumping through it I caught myself on it and fell and sprained my ankle, but it's starting to heal and I am getting better, I'm super excited. I've been watching routines on youtube, it just looks so cool XD

ya ya ya.
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